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1200 & 1800

Best Selling Product

  • Hydraulic  Conveyor

  • Trench Filler

  • Shouldering Unit

  • Road Sander

  • Sandbag Filler

  • Asphalt Patcher

  • Versatile Performer With Many Options To Suit Your Needs

1218 Conveyors: Products

1200 & 1800

Choose between a belt width of 12 inches or 18 inches, thats the difference between the 2 models. Both are made to fit standard dump bodies with a maximum width of 96" (outside measurement) Special order wider widths up to 103" are now available! 

Self-leveling at all positions of the dump box. Handles any material that will pass through the gate. Right or left hand discharge.

Whichever model fits your needs, you will find that the 1218 Hydraulic Truck Conveyors have all the quality features you need to deliver the performance you demand.

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Photo Shows US National Guard Utilizing Sand Bagger

  • No More Hand Shoveling

  • Fills Sandbags in 2 Seconds

  • Fills Sandbags Where and When You Need Them

  • Fully Portable - For Faster Emergency Response

  • America's Fastest, Most Versatile Sandbag Filler For Use In:

    • Emergency Flood Control

    • Erosion Control

    • Containment Berms

    • Safety Barricades

With the Sandbag Attachment on the HTC model conveyors, a standard sandbag can be filled in 2 second. That kind of performance can actually improve a community emergency response effectiveness.

Photo Shows 1218 Power Unit

The 1218 Power Unit option allows you to run you HTC model without connecting to an existing hydraulic system.

The Power Unit Mounts to the rear edge of the conveyor.

Photo Shows SCE Extension Model

The optional EFQ 4-foot extension mounts to any of our Hydraulic Truck Conveyors in the 1218 line to give you the extra reach you sometimes need for ditch filling or delivering materials to hard to reach locations.

The EFQ is a quick folding directly splices into the conveyor belt and requires no additional motor to run. The EFQ sits level with the main conveyor making it great for clearing over any obstacles.

The SCE (shown in photo) is specialized to fit only the 1800 HTC model series. The SCE is a self-contained extension using its own hydraulically driven motor. The SCE is mounted slightly below the 1800.

Both extension models create an oversized load when folded or extended.

Photo Shows Hydraulic Leveling Assembly

Two foot wide leveling capabilities of this attachment allow you to apply and level the material in one easy step with either the 1200 or 1800 conveyor. 
Goes from retracted to extended in 20 seconds. 
Can be retro fitted to any HTC conveyor
Assembly comes in either manual or hydraulic operating systems.
Hydraulic unit comes with it's own electrically controlled hydraulic manifold and auto shut off feature.
Unit moves between sealed cam bearing, with the heavy duty construction you've come to expect from an HTC product.

1218 Conveyors: Products


The quick attaching Deflector Plate can be mounted on either side of the conveyor. It spreads the material as if is conveyed for that finished look.


Mounted on the rear of the conveyor, the Rear Reversing Valve allows both belt speed and direction control of the conveyor.


Fast opening gate for right or left hand discharge. Both gates adjust in 1"increments or can be equipped with optional hydraulic motors.


2 Foot chute off the main conveyor is a cheap and easy way to deliver materials out with a greater reach. The chute is able to be angled multiple ways and stores simply.


The leg group is great for avoiding the use of saw horses while working in the field. Easily unmount and remount with this convenient feature.The legs store away under the conveyor when not in use.


Now you can convert your HTC model 1200 or 1800 into a year round machine with the use of the sander attachment. Detachable door allows you to sand one or two lanes of highway.

  • Better utilization of your truck and conveyor investment

  • Eliminates the need for expensive single use sand and salt hopper trucks

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1218 Conveyors: Video

These are just a few of our optional additions you can make to any of your 1218 new and retro machines in use today. Contact us today for more information.

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