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HTC 2000

Road Widening Made Easy

Made for big jobs like road widening, installing pipe bedding, trench filling, and shouldering, the heavy-duty, extra capacity Model 2000 Hydraulic Truck Conveyor is the new time, labor, material, and money saving innovation you've been looking for.

With multiple customization's and optional equipment, we are confident your Model 2000 will be a great investment to help get your jobs done right.

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Image by Hayden Walker

MODEL 2000

Designed to mount quickly and easily to road graders, loaders, and tractors for efficient delivery of both free-flowing and large chunky materials where you want them, when you want them, without expensive hand labor. Its versatile hitch design lets you adapt to many types of hitches, allowing the use of a variety of push vehicles tr can be hydraulically connected to the truck and pulled, eliminating the need for a push vehicle. The Model 2000 actually increases the number of uses for a single piece of equiment without adding significantly to your down time or labor costs.

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