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HTC Patcher 48 turns your truck into a self-contained production patching system.

  • Mounts to existing equipment, increasing vehicle versatility

  • Lower capital investment than larger self-contained rollers

  • Raise and lower limits allow for safe travel clearance and below-grade compaction

  • Integral roller wash system eliminates material buildup

The patcher 48 mounts directly to any truck, utilizing either existing plow-hitch points and hydraulic control connections, or the factory mounting bracket and hydraulic controls.



Shown here is the Off-Set Patcher 48 mounted to an existing snow plow mount, utilizing the truck's hydraulic system. The Off-Set Patcher 48 can be either center mounted on the truck or off-set to either side of the truck. The Center Mount Patcher 48 can only be mounted centered on the truck. To utilize the truck's hydraulic system, you need a three position four way valve to have power up and power down. Down pressure is around twelve tons at 2000 psi. 

Patcher 48: Products
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